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Graham Taylor

I’m a businessman local to Hull (www.dms-uk.com) and travel the world, but never without my music!

I love to find small clubs or bars with interesting acts performing ‘live’ with ‘proper’ instruments be it in Rabat, Havana, Athens; Kuala Lumpur, Delhi or Kathmandu. I have visited more than 100 countries so my experiences have been mostly, a delight. Occasional nights in Jazz Bars can also be so inspiring, the world is full of music and I wanted to share some of this albeit in a small way by putting on concerts in my home town after more than a 25 years break when I used to organise Christian rock music gigs and Christian worship artists concerts in Scarborough, where I lived for 25 years.

I never cease to be amazed by how competent these musicians are but ever since I heard the mandolin on Rod Stewart’s Maggie May, my interest in string instruments was born, having been brought up listening to great Motown music, in particular harmonies but I am too always fascinated by unique vocals; lyricists and people that not only perform but can actually play.

Graham of GRT7V with Alyssa Bonagura &
Ruby Stewart of The Sisterhood.

I’ve been to concerts in grand theatres; cavernous halls; festival sites; pubs and clubs and football stadiums but always enjoyed the acoustics of the Royal Albert Hall in London.

We do not have a R A H in Hull but we do have the magnificent Hull Minster (www.hullminster.org) recently upgraded from simply Holy Trinity, Hull due to a massive investment during the inspiring Hull City of Culture 2017 and it’s my great pleasure to present a series of concerts commencing in 2018. Proper musicians with proper instruments who can play and delight an audience large or small with acoustics’ to die for’ in this magnificent setting.

Please see the gigs page for information and links to the artists booked thus far. I hope you will support this venture and enjoy a great night out at a fair price with Lighting and P A by local Hull company HPSS; Street Food by the unique Kerb Edge truck (local to Hull Minster in the market square), and the bar by ATOM Brewery.

Graham Taylor
GRT7V Promotions

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